Miami Beach Pool Contractors

Miami Beach Pool Contractors

Though not obvious to everyone, constructing a pool is a complex job, involving much more than conveying the design you have chosen to a contractor. For outdoor pools, the space available is very important, as is its topography, also known as the “lay of the land.” 

A contractor, with years of experience in building pools, will be able to review the space and topography and advise you on whether it will be safe to build a pool at the chosen site, as well as on other matters, such as the amount of privacy you may loose if the pool is situated there. If the site passes the test for pool construction , the contractor will meet with you to discuss different designs and, should you choose one but desire modifications to it, he will be able to help you custom-design a pool that is economical, safe, and long-lasting. One favorite modification is to add a fountain to the pool, and Dillon Pools is recognized for its skill in fountain construction . 

Probably the best way to make the point of the benefit you receive from consulting a pool contractor is to consider if you would have a house built on your property without first consulting a building contractor. Just as the local building code regulates construction of houses, so does it determine what must be done in building a pool, and what is prohobited. Further, the advantage of having a pool contractor with you when government inspections are performed is that same advantage a party in litigation has when he walks into court with an attorney instead of alone. 

Why Dillon Pools is the Right Choice 

The one factor that makes Dillon Pools the place to turn to in matters of pool and fountain construction is the experience that its people have. John L. Dillon, the company’s founder, has been in the industry since 1989, when he began working for his father, John "Jack" L. Dillon, Sr. A recognized leader in pool construction , Jack Dillon had been estimating and designing since the 1950s. While working with his father, John met many notables in the field, some of which he called upon to work for Dillon Pools. Both he and James Albury, the company’s superintendent, are licensed pool contractors. Additionally, the other staff at Dillon Pools has extensive experience in their fields. 

Proof is in The Pudding 

Dillon Pools has constructed many different pools, and whether you are a homeowner who wants one that is modest in size, or a commercial entity desiring Olympic pools , it is the place to turn. Dillon Pools' skill in buiding competition pools , including Olympic pools , has been recognized by many in the industry. Indeed, it is noted for having top of the line competition pools . The quality of work performed by the staff at Dillon Pools is manifest in the awards that it regularly receives. Among them is the 2009 and 2010 Miramar Award for Best Pool Construction , the Top Specialty Construction Award, given it in 2008, 2009 and 2010 by Southeast Construction, to name just a few.

Dillon Pools Services the Miami Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and Weston greater area