Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractors

Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractors
There are very few parts of a home that can provide the type of entertainment that comes with having your own swimming pool. Potential pool owners often are not aware of the process involved in pool construction or even fountain construction. The construction process can be a tricky business, especially in an area such as Florida with a minimal geographic water table. 

For those individuals who are just now considering building a pool, it is important to make sure that you have a licensed and experienced construction company contracting the work. This is especially true for those considering olympic pools and competition pools. There are specific operational and construction codes that are established in an effort to protect those individuals accessing the pool who may be of particular risk. 

Olympic pools are built to a particular size specification, especially if being used in official events. Competition pools are often public pools and also have additional construction codes and protective regulations. Commercial pool construction will always require expertise to construct. The same is true for water fountain construction of any type, because of unusual designs or specialized blueprints. 

Small children and the elderly are often the people who get the most benefit of having the advantage of a swimming pool, but the potential pool owner should do some homework before deciding to build. Very often an experienced specialized pool contractor will know all of the regulations for both installation and pool maintenance and will build the specs into the construction plan. Pools in many states require an inspection before the pool is actually ready for use, as in the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act of 2001. 

The legislation requires all swimming pools to be protected against unauthorized access, with particular rules concerning distances between fences. All protective fences are required to be at least 4 feet tall, which is a common depth for a "patio" pool. For this reason, many pool owners will build indoor pools or add a sun room to enclose the pool. This is especially attractive in the Florida area because they can be easier to build in an elevated enclosure in certain situations and solves the access regulation problems. In addition, the pool walls can be purchased in kits of rust roof material and standardized liners.

The protective regulations are also in effect for above ground pools, though these pool constructions are essentially installations and not construction operations. Many pool contractors will install the pools, especially if they contract deck work in association with pool construction. The 4 ft. fence height requirement is also a standard for the height of an above ground pool, though one will occasionally have a deeper section known as a "hopper." 

Swimming pools have long been considered a wonderful source of fun and a valued addition to any home or property, but remember that it is crucial to contract with a reputable and experienced pool contractor to ensure safety and construction code regulations for the sake of anyone who you may want to allow to enjoy your pool.

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